Ship POV to Military Bases in USA & Overseas


Can I ship my POV to military bases overseas?

Yes you can. We take care of documentation, logistics and other requirements to transport your privately owned vehicle from the United States to Europe or anywhere in the world as well as shipping it back for you to USA.

Why ship your POV to military bases?


We can handle the transport of your vehicle within USA or overseas military bases. 

Save Time

Save yourself time by avoiding the long arduous hours of driving and enjoy that precious time with family and friends.

Active Duty

Service members can have privately owned vehicle ship to military bases at no charge.


Government contractors can ship their POV overseas as well.

Should I be present during pick up or delivery of my vehicle?

We recommend that yourself or a designated person of at least 18 years of age be present during the pickup and delivery time of your vehicle.

When Can You Ship Your Privately Owned Vehicle or POV?

Each branch of the military has different limitations for shipping a POV. The limitations for the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy are:

Army and Air Force personnel POVs will be accepted for shipment if delivered to the port within 90 days after the service member departed for an overseas tour of more than one year, or within 30 days after the service member's departure on a tour of duty of one year or less.

Navy and Marine Corps personnel POVs will be accepted when at least 12 months remain to be served at their current overseas duty station at the time vehicle is delivered to the loading port.

Please consult your local Personal Property Officer for detailed information when you are planning to ship your POV.

Will the military pay for my car transport?

Chances are the Military will pay for one vehicle transport. Please check with your CO.

Can you pick up or drop my vehicle off at a Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) ?

Yes,you will likely need a notarized letter giving us permission to pick up or drop off your vehicle. 

Will my car be delivered directly onto the base?

Most likely, the trucker will meet you off base near the gate.