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AdMerk Spaceship: Space Exploration ...

AdMerk Spaceship

In April 2020, the United States Public Law 114-90 encourages private US companies to explore the moon and other planetary objects for scientific purposes.

Today, I have the honor to share with you the idea of AdMerk Spaceship. Due to his shape, the flying saucer is suitable for suborbital flights and for space flights for exiting and reentry in the earth atmosphere.

According to a documentary on CNBC, Sara Langston, PhD, an Assistant Professor of Spaceflight Operations of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University stated that with the suborbital space flight, we are not actually completing a full orbit of the earth. So the suborbital rocket will go up to the edge of space at about 100 km then come right back down.

Even NASA said it will open the international space station to paying visitors. But accessibility to space tourism remained limited to the rich of the rich with tickets prices ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions. So experts believe that space tourism market has massive potential.

A Cowen survey found that about 39% of people with a net worth than $5 million are interested in paying at least $250,000 for a flight to the edge of space.

As many of 2.4 million people or more could be interested in this opportunity. The demands to supply make it a very constraint business. 

A spaceship can only run about 5 times a month. That's a classic luxury goods dynamic where there is scarcity. Based on the ticket prices we are seeing today, the revenue sizes represent $14 billion cumulative opportunity assuming launch starts within the next one or two years and continuing through 2028.

In facts some investment experts argue that the widening wealth gap in the United States will actually provide the riches of the rich with more money to spend on such experiences. The space tourism industry is an industry waiting to happen l, just waiting for that technology to take off.

“AdMerk Spaceship” to take humans as tourists to the moon and as soon as a breakthrough in technology will allow travel to the planet of Mars and back to earth safely, yes, AdMerk SpaceShip will be there to accompany you on your adventure of galactic travel .

AdMerk hauls freights for businesses across USA